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xxx Anulika
Great session learnt a lot, love everything your organisation is doing, helping women in the community. Making Scotland the best place to live in.
Gladys Ekenkwo
We had great sessions on bead making, I and my children learnt how to make beads and my kids were really happy to be here. I hope to start making beads for sale in other to make money and take care of my children. Please let me know whenever you are having your activities we are happy to be part of such a great organisation.
Theresa Wilson
As a victim of domestic violence I lost hope in life and felt rejected and isolated but your organisation ANYiSO have supported me and helped me build my confidence. I now feel so useful and able to do things that I wouldn’t have been able to do.
I attended your confidence building and also your soap making workshop, and I just finished the food hygiene training course today. I am so pleased with what you are doing in the community, well done ANYiSO.
Sandra Anderson
The cultural diversity event today was full of fun, I met people from different cultures, traditions and ethnicity. I enjoyed the food, dance, music and fashion show. Although it Was a 3hours event I wished it lasted for 5 hours. What a great way of promoting integration, diversity, equality and love within communities. Well done ANYiSO.
Ogechi Nnorue
I am really happy to be at the FGM awareness seminar organised by ANYiSO today. I learnt a lot and am pleased to be here. I will also campaign to create awareness and to end FGM.