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ANYiSO is established to ensure that African and ethnic minority women, their children and young people from all background are given the support and services needed to enable them live better and safer lives free from discrimination,domestic abuse. We ensure that these women, children and young people are confident to raise issues that affect them and empower them through skill development workshops, training’s, and counselling, to enable them to be financially independent. In addition, we encourage them and boost their confidence through social and cultural integration.


  • To work with government, mainstream agencies, organisations, and policy makers to enhance the understanding of African and ethnic minority women, children and young people, addressing domestic abuse and the barriers that prevents them from accessing services and participating in the society to promote equality and diversity.

  • To campaign, create awareness, counsel and address violence against women, children and young people such as FGM, domestic abuse, forced marriages and human trafficking, to promote equality and diversity

  • To empower adults, children and young people by providing skills, trainings, workshops, seminars, conferences, health and well being to enable them to be economically independent thereby preventing and relieving poverty.

  • To promote diversity and integration to advance arts, culture and heritage through arranging training, performances and promoting dance, arts, science, music, sports, fashion shows, cultural and community activities and in doing so promoting community cohesion and also encouraging and building confidence in adults, children and young people.

  • To help adults, children and young people connect to network, access support and services to prevent and relief poverty.